What's the use of the Dashboard?

The Dashboard gives you an understanding of how the models are performing in each league. It is quite impossible for the models to achieve high performance on all covered leagues. The best way to take advantage of these predicting models is by identifying the leagues for which the models are performing well this season. So we strongly recommend that you start by looking at the Home page's top 3 leagues of each model. The Overview page, is also a good source of information as you can see the strike rate of each predictor for all the leagues and bet types. If you want more information on how the models are performing on those leagues, head over to the Strike Rate & Winners page and filter the dashboard to show the league(s) you identified for the current season. Additionally, you can look at the Performance by Gameweek, again filtering the dashboard for your identified league(s) and look at how the models are performing each week against the average. To make your lives easier, the Strike Rate & Winners and Performance by Gameweek pages, by default show stats for the top predicted league in the current season. Additionally, by default, the Overview page shows information for all leagues but filtered to show stats for the current period. But feel free to filter the stats according to the leagues and/or season of your choice.

What does 'Rating' mean in the League Overview and H2H pages?

When looking at the League Overview in the predictions page, you will notice that we rank the teams in a different way than what's used normally. So we don't give 3 points for each win and 1 point for each draw. The Elo rating system helps us rate (in other words give points to) the teams according to their real form. For example, a team that wins 3 - 0 away will get more points compared to winning the same opponent 1 - 0 at home. In addition, when giving rating points to a team, the ranking of the opponent is also taken into consideration; for example, if a weak team wins a strong team, they will get more points than what the strong team would get if they won.

What do you mean by 'Strike Rate' in the Dashboard pages?

You will also see this as Success Rate. We use both terms interchangeably. What we mean by strike rate in the context of this project, is how many winning bets each model made, divided by the total predictions made for the same type of bet (i.e HOME win). For example, if for Bundesliga, the black predictor made a total of 10 home win predictions and in 5 of those matches the home team won, then the Home strike rate for the black predictor is 50% (5 divided by 10). The strike rate is the main performance tracker of our choice and you will see a lot of this in the Dashboard pages. But when looking at the New Predictions page of your selected league, we included the raw numbers instead of the strike rate. So instead of seeing 50%, you will see something in the lines of 5/10, the first number (5) showing the successful predictions and the second number (10) being the total number of predictions for that bet type (HOME, AWAY or DRAW)

What does 'PST' and 'CNC' mean in the League Overview page?

PST means that the match has been postponed and CNC that it has been cancelled.