Welcome to betaid.net

betaid.net provides football predictions (Home, Away and Draw) through the use of three custom made prediction models. We have given a random color to each model, 'black', 'maroon' and 'yellow' to make it easier for you to distinguish them.

Black Predictor (BP)

This model uses the Elo rating system as its base but with a number of modifications. It incorporates variables that make it much stronger when applied in football, i.e HGA (home ground advantage), Goal difference scaling factors, draw thresholds and more. The lookback period that the model considers when making predictions is all games played by the teams in the current season.

Maroon Predictor (MP)

The base of the calculations in this model is the same as the black model with the difference being in the lookback period. The data gathered for the calculation of predictions are going back 6 games. So this model tries to capture the most recent form and ignores the build up of the team's form since the start of the season. So all the variable values are calculated according to the team's last 6 games.

Yellow Predictor (YP)

This model takes a totally different approach. The predictions are calculated using the goals scored and conceded for each team. It also makes use of variables such as Home Ground Advantage, scaling factors, draw thresholds etc like the other two models, but the basis of each team's form when calculating a prediction is the goals superiority (both for and against) of each team. The lookback of this model is 6 games.

Top 3 Draw Success Rates 2019/2020

Disclaimer: Our 3 predicting models do not make use of qualitative data, meaning that they don't harvest data that cannot be measured objectively i.e a team missing a couple of key players or a team changing coach in the middle of the season etc. The reason we can't use this kind of data is because it's almost impossible to objectively predict how much such situations can affect a team at any given time. Instead, we use quantitative data such as goals scored/conceded home and away, percentage of home/away wins, etc. The models do not guarantee success and past performance is not indicative of future performance. We believe the best way to use these models is finding the top 3 or 4 leagues in terms of strike rate performance for the current season, and follow these leagues. We included the top 3 leagues of each predictor per bet type in the home page for your convenience.